What's new in version 2022?

Version 2022 introduces several major productivity-boosting features such as code minimap, built-in full-fledged FTP client with side-by-side local and remote panels and the long awaited inline color preview for CSS. Other updates include support for PHP 8 and many smaller refinements.

Code minimap

Code minimap allows quick navigation based on visual representation of all code in the file.

Code minimap
Code minimap

Side-by-side FTP client/explorer

The editor now comes with a full fledged FTP client that you can run in parallel with code editing. It offers some very helpful features:

Built-in side-by-side FTP client

Inline CSS color preview

Optional inline CSS color preview can greatly speed up work with web design and colors.

Inline CSS color preview

React and Vue.js framework support

It is now easier to work with React and Vue.js code. This feature is also found in late 2020 releases, but it was initially not available for 2020.

React editor
Vue.js editor

PHP 8 support

Improved auto complete


Named parameter support in hints

PHP 8 named parameters

Number format support

PHP 8 number format

Promoted property support in code explorer

PHP 8 keywords fn and match

New keywords fn and match

PHP 8 keywords fn and match

Performance improvements

Visual improvements

Color scheme
Highlighting preferences

Preview improvement

Usability improvements

Language, coding and other improvements

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