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WeBuilder has helped my business stay ahead of the curve and I wouldn't use anything else!

— Chaz Warriner, Peripatus Ltd

WeBuilder it is just wonderful and fits my needs perfectly.

— Christian Ian Ray, CHRISTIANRAY.de

I've been using many code editors until I finally reached WeBuilder which made my life much simpler.

— Ilay Avni, Founder, Boto issue tracking app

WeBuilder is one of those invaluable tools that makes a web designers life so much easier.

— Rob Allen, www.blue-dreamer.co.uk

Beats the pants off any other website builder software I have ever used.

— Matt Ide, TransFirst

Yes it indeed helps me get my jobs done faster. Thanks for creating such a valuable tool at such an affordable price.

— Marco De Luca, De Luca Marketing

Your WeBuilder has left every other web application in the dust.

— John Zavocki, www.johnzavocki.com

I have tried many editors. I came across your solution today, and was blown away. Really, you have done almost all I could think of.

— Bob Cruickshank, 72Bits

I feel as though you knew exactly what I wanted in a PHP, HTML, CSS, JS IDE and wrote it just for me.

— Jonathan Church, HP Web Solutions

It is now superior to any other editor regardless of price - and we have looked at them all.

— Chris Berkeley, Netmastery Pty Limited

WeBuilder and Photoshop are the cornerstones of my work environment - couldn't imagine working a day without them.

— Jake Harrison, Promachina Design

Since using WeBuilder my development of sites has become faster and easier.

— Mike Cocklin, www.expensys.com

The coding environment is first class and sets the standard for clarity, ease of use, productivity and configurability. WeBuilder is an ergonomic gem.

— Mark Davenport, Etiam SA

WeBuilder looks to be simply the best on the market - nothing else even comes close.

— VJ Stretton, Local Internet Solutions

Spent the past 5 years switching IDE's trying to find one which wasn't either lacking the important tools or bloated with pointless ones. WeBuilder is spot on.

— Daniel Paddison, Clicky Games UK

This editor has everything I need in one nice package, AND it fits on my flash drive.

— Anthony Steiner, www.steinerd.com

I've evaluated a number of programs to edit XHTML, CSS and PHP files. My search ended when I found WeBuilder.

— Jim Jacobus, J-Tech Web Solutions

Blumentals works tirelessly to improve this product, frequently releasing updates and acknowledging user requests for support and features.

— Eric Barstad, Shadow Box Creative Media

I have been a user of WeBuilder for a little over a year and have found it to be indispensable for changes to everything dealing with the websites I maintain. You've got a happy customer here for life.

— Robert Smith, Professional Web Developer

I absolutely love your WeBuilder product and will continue to use it as long as you make it.

— Lawrence Miller, SYSTECH International

I selected WeBuilder after having evaluated MANY competing products, and it helped me to build my website.

— David Caplan, www.thotwerx.com

I've been in the trade a long time and used a lot of editors, your is one of the best for balance of speed, functionality, features, and ease of use.

— Christopher Shelley, www.christophershelley.com

This tool is absolutely outstanding. It is easy to use yet has all the essential features.

— Tim Wiley, www.techlytics.com

You should charge more for this fantastic piece of software.

— Henrik Algmark, Smartsite Linkoping

Having tried every Windows IDE and web editor I can say with confidence that WeBuilder is The Best Web Editor Anywhere.

— Gabriel LopezSeco, Galonet

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