How do I get and install my free upgrade?

If you are eligible for a free upgrade, you can retrieve your new activation key via the License Key Retrieval form. Please note that sometimes it may take up to a week after the initial release before we update our records and enable you to retrieve your free upgrade.

To receive the new activation key, please specify the new product title you are upgrading to (not the old product title that you purchased). If you do not specify the product title then you will also receive download information for all other products that you have purchased, including old versions.

Please do not confuse the old activation information with the new one. Your new activation key should arrive in a separate e-mail.

Also note that it can take up to a few hours for the product info to arrive, although in most cases it should arrive within 5 minutes. Make sure that messages sent from are not blocked by your spam protection. If you have successfully requested your new license key, but it has not arrived within 4 hours, please try again or contact our support team.