What's new in version 2016?


Version 2016 is a huge leap forward both visually and feature-wise. With heavily re-vamped user interface and tons of features added and fine-tuned, this is one of the biggest jumps forward we have ever made.

  • Built upon the successful previous version
  • Completely new user interface and docking structure.
  • Address many of the best suggestions from our customers accumulated over the past 2 years.

Heavily improved user interface

  • New, modern tab and docking system
  • Close button on tabs (optional)
  • Tool windows can now be pinned to sides
  • Document windows can now be undocked and stacked in multiple panes or external windows
  • Customizable toolbar and menu icons
  • New visual themes
  • No more flicker upon tab change
  • No flicker on window resize
  • Improved high DPI support makes WeBuilder easier to use on high-resolution screens

New, epic time saver - Go To Anything

With the new Goto feature, you can jump to any file or place in your project or currently open file with a few keystrokes. The default shortcut is Ctrl+`, but you can use another combo.

  • Quickly open project files by typing just a few symbols
  • Quickly jump to symbols in any file of your project
  • Quickly jump to words in any file of your project, with context preview
  • Quickly switch between large number of projects

Improved text editor

  • Automatic pasted code indenting matching - editor will attempt to auto-adjust indenting to match your default settings if your own code is well-structured and the editor can detect a pattern in the pasted code
  • Improved bracket closing in some situations
  • HereDoc and NowDoc syntax highlighting for PHP and Perl

Improved preview

  • Updated built-in Chrome preview
  • Built-in access to Chrome Developer Tools
  • Preview address input behavior improvements
  • Auto-refresh preview on save
  • Visual Event (by Allan Jardine) JS plugin integration
  • X-Ray now available in full-screen preview

Improved Project management

  • Quickly activate any project via Goto Project, even if you have a huge list of projects
  • Open Folder for opening a folder as a temporary project without creating a saved project
  • Activate Folder of Current File feature now works for project files
  • Larger and resizable Projects window


  • Easily search / filter FTP connections list
  • FTP passwords and SSH key passphrases can now be optionally left unsaved and they will be asked only once during session and not saved to disk
  • Improved SFTP SSH password protected key file support
  • View details mode is now remembered for file view
  • Delete file from FTP and project with a single click
  • Auto correction of line endings when opening ASCII files that were incorrectly uploaded (as binary with Windows newlines)

Improved HTML and CSS support

  • HTML tag auto indenting
  • Improved CSS syntax highlighting
  • Updated list of Google fonts
  • Google font searching
  • LESS and SASS syntax updates
  • Improved built-in CSS preview

Better JavaScript support

  • Improved JavaScript language definitions
  • Improved JavaScript auto complete
  • Improved jQuery support

Improved PHP support

  • Support for traits
  • Support for namespaces
  • Auto complete now supports PHP function parameter display
  • Show return type and method name for method hints
  • Better support for brackets inside function arguments
  • Prefer built in functions over classes

Greatly improved PHP framework support

  • Nette framework added
  • Laravel framework support improvements and update
  • Yii framework update
  • CakePHP framework update
  • Zend framework update
  • Wordpress framework update

Improved Language Browser

  • Filter for quickly locating an item or statement

Improved SQL connectivity

  • Drag table and column names to SQL editor
  • Improved grid display
  • Smooth scrolling for SQL window
  • New command Select Rows
  • PostgreSQL 9 support

Plugin improvements

  • Developers can now write plugins that alter auto complete dropdown lists
  • Plugin items can now have icons
  • Project related plugin API functions are now available

Misc minor adjustments and fixes

  • Improved: Undo / Redo behavior with selection
  • Improved: Two plugins can now share the same menu
  • Improved: CSS box assistant window
  • Improved: Internal web server stability
  • Improved: PHP formatter
  • Fixed: Bug with bogus Modified status in some situations
  • Fixed: Editor freezing in some situations with large files
  • Fixed: Compatibility bug with some SFTP servers
  • Fixed: CSS alpha color support in CSS validator
  • Fixed: JS auto complete when assignment used
  • Fixed: Bug with shortcuts when SQL browser active
  • Fixed: Problem with Save As and ~ in file names
  • Fixed: Crash on a rare, specific invalid PHP code
  • Fixed: Unicode in snippets
  • Fixed: undo and other shortcuts not working in Find dialogs
  • Various other fixes

German, Russian, French, Hungarian, Dutch versions are available

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